Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Facts About Me

Hey! Well it has almost been a year without posting.. I'm sorry, I'm quite busy and in fact I am still busy right now with my PT3 (Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3) !!! Well fyi, PT3 is a NEW examination created to replace PMR which I also think created to make students SUFFER! Urm, yea so my batch is the FIRST batch facing this hell on earth.. And OBVIOUSLY it has to be harder than PMR... And OBVIOUSLY all questions have to be in subjective...


 I'm just waiting for whats coming next haihhh.... But HEY at least I got the time to write this ish! You should be proud of mehh :D Hahahaha so anyways, imma start the facts now... Lets try 10? Is that enough? Nahh even if its not or too enough, its my post so its my decision hahaha dont hate me I love you :*

1) I Love Food
So, I love food. Food is life, food is love, food is everything. Food is my bae, my heart, my blood, my breathe, my everything. I cant live without food in fact no one can (especially ME and maybe some other peeps but for now, ME) Hahaha so basically, I love rice. I can eat rice 4 times a day or i eat something else but eat rice after cause I just love rice. For example, if i have not eaten rice for a day then at night, I WILL SEARCH FOR RICE! In conclusion, I LOVE EATING.

2) PINK = ME
Pink is so damn me. I swear if u wanna buy me something, MAKE SURE ITS PINK! But though, I dont really fancy hot pink cause it doesn't suit me that well... And I actually love light purple too... BUT WHATEVER! Most of the things that belongs to me is pink... If you guys hate pink then blame my mom cause she made me love it but if u love pink too or ure okay with it then bruh bruh lemme tell u somethin'... WE ARE BROS MAN WE BROS! BROS! Okay.. I aint a thug.. 

3) I am Really Hairy
WOPP HOLD ON THERE! HOLD ON! DONT START THE JUDGIN'! DONT START THE DIRTY TALKIN'! LET THE MARSYA EXPLAIN! I am hairy as in I have a lot of hair on my body... Like, every part of my body consists hair... DONT TAKE IT THE WRONG WAY MAN! CHILL ON WITH THE PORN! (yea, i'm just tryin to make a rhyme hehe) Its the genes... My mom is hairy so I got her genes hehe so to all the guys out there, IM A TOTAL TURNOFF I KNOW... #foreveralone


4) Judgmental Much?
Well, I bet u think I would say that I hate judgmental people and yes I do BUT that's not the fact... The fact is, I can be quite judgmental...... DONT HATE ME YET! I did say "quite" so i'm not THAT judgmental... Its just that when I see ugly people (as in the inner beauty not the outer beauty) I judge them because sometimes I hate those types of people.. For example, Muslims that DON'T act like a Muslim... I mean come on man, who wont judge if u're a horrible person but calls yourself a Muslim.. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF -.- (i'm sorry I just cant deal with this)

5) Weird as F
Nope, I did not say the bad word, u said it :D Hahaha well that word is just used to emphasise the word WEIRD! I am really really really weird.. If u are ordered to write a list of things of ur friend, Marsya, over here then weird would TOTALLY be in that list... I dont actually know why i'm weird but I just am. Mayve because I hangout with weird people all my life.. Sorry besties love yah!

6) Decision is My Kind Of Ex
Ex is someone that you want to get away from and never get near to right? Well let's just say "decision" means ex in this post... I HATE DECISIONS or to be more precise I HATE MAKING DECISIONS! I swear if u ask me even the easiest yes or no question, it would be like a life or death question to me cause decisions wont ever come near me... So, basically I cannot make decisions cause it never comes......... #weirdaf


7) Pharrel William's Hit
Because i'm Happy! Yes, i am Happy... Every week, every day and every hour! Hahahaha well basically what i'm trying to state here is that I am always happy! Well yea, I can get sad sometimes or stressed but i can consider myself as the happiest person on Earth cause I rarely get sad...... And even if I get sad, I could get back to being happy in no time :D Except if i'm having my PMS or facing a relationship (friends/family/boyfriends) problem........

8) Falling is ABC
Well... Falling... ABC... Hm, I fall for someone so easily... As easy as ABC...You could just do the tiniest thing and the next day, I can already be all obsessed with you...Okay, maybe i'm exaggerating but yea its somewhat like that... For example, my current crush, I fell for him JUST because he said "hi" to me in the canteen one time... And I dont even know him that time... It gets worse though, HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ME! But then, the effort he showed to say hi to me, melted my heart and yeap, I fell... HARD! Its been 4 months now... That I like him... You may judge... Hm.....

9) 10+ Crushes but Still A Half
Let me explain this... I have liked more than 10 guys in my life and maybe fell in love with 2/3 of them but I am still single... My other half has not been found yet hahaha Well at least liking more than 10 guys dont make me a slut because I just LIKE them, not BE IN A RELATIONSHIP with them duhhhhh -.- #peacenowar

10) Drama Queen
WELL PFT OBVIOUSLY IMMA DRAMA QUEEN LIKE WHUUUUT?! PFFTTT! Hahaha so let me just share something, if u are my best friend, u would totally be so annoyed with me sometimes (but u would still love me though cause i'm awesome) because I could overreact with the little things that u tell me... Its not because I looooove to be dramatic, its just that I looooove to act! Okay, let me explain that, I love drama or acting, basically if someone offers me a job as an actor I would consider in taking the job... SO maybe that explains why people say i'm a drama queen? And also, MY MUMMY IS ALSO LIDDIS SO AGAIN BLAME THE GENES :P

Hm, so, in my opinion, what I think, at the end of this post, u would totally HATE me... Just by knowing me better makes u regret to even want to know me or be friends with me... But heyyy if u dont then I love you man, we bros forever man, BROS FOR LIFE! Hahaha thanks for reading this post... I think its the longest though... So, goodbye and watlekwatpis! PS :


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

80% Is True That True Friends Dont Exist...

Hey.. From the title of this post, you already know what I'm feeling right now, right? If you dont, haihhh okay let me explain... I'm feeling...

Hmmmmmm well not really crying but I am feeling sad though... But before I tell you why I am sad, I need to say to you, YES YOU! If you think this PERSON that im about to talk about is YOU.. I am so sorry if I offend you in this post... But you gotta remember, YOU HURT MY FEELINGS TOO K! And if you think you know who is it, you can ask me, yes, I will tell who is it but depends... If youre close with me than sure, I will tell you :)

So anywaysssssssss it all started when I had problems with one of my best friend, well not literally a problem, it was just me who felt that im having a problem but actually nothing is going on... So I expressed my feelings to another best friend (the one that makes me sad), lets just call her.. Mars... Hahaha!

So she told me that in this world, we cant really trust anyone because we dont know what they do behind our backs, maybe they are talking bad stuffs about us or maybe they just friggin hate the guts out of us hahaha! Obviously, I agreed, what she said was really true and if you think its not then youre dumb, and if you think im being rude then

Hahaha but seriously, YOU HAVE TO TRUST ME ON THIS! ITS TRUE!!! So then I said to her that I really hope that shes not one of them and she said to me that shes not and she'll try to be a better friend to me because we are getting distant from each other... So I was actually pretty psyched about it!

So for a few weeks, she was being a good friend but then we started to get distant with each other again... For example, when I see her cry or her eyes are swelled or red, obviously I, as a good/best friend, have the need to know why because I care for her, right? I should know.....Right? But then she said "Nothing"...

At first, im okay with it, fine if you dont wanna tell me.. (yet) Maybe youre still in a bad mood.. Okay i understand you but then she told another close friend of hers the reason.. This made me a bit sad and jealous... Okay maybe we are not that close anymore but come on man! 5 years of friendship! I dont wanna ruin it! :(

Well at least thats what I think you classify me as.. A best friend... Maybe im wrong, huh? So then this thing happens everytime she has a problem or she cries... Until today! I am really pissed off with her!!! She keeps on doing the same old damn thing that tires me and made me feel this...

Which makes me sad because OH COME ON MAN! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! 5 YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP DU-UHH! -.- So yeaa I have an advice, friends come and go but either they LITERALLY leave you or just go to you when they need or want something so dont always think they are your true, best friend cause even my 5 years of friendship can actually (almost) tear apart...

But if you do have a best friend right now and you guys have been friends since FOREVER then hey, your are one lucky human being ya know :) Be happy even if youre having problems cause you know that you have a true, caring friend who will always be there for you!

Thats all for this post and enjoy this picture of a panda rocking on a rocking horse :D

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happiest Day Of My Life

Hello Again! This is my second post for today! Before I tell you guys about the happiest day of my life, let me ask you... Have you ever met a celebrity that you fancy hardcore and willing to do anything at all (excluding death, betrayal, lying etc.) just to meet them? Well not to brag but, I DID!!! And it was the HAPPIEST day of my LIFE!!! You can't believe how happy I am! I can't even sleep the night I met him!

Wanna know the story more elaborately (was that right?) ? Well it all started............

My teacher, Cikgu Mazrul a.k.a Mazidul, invited me and my friends to an event called Festival Filem Malaysia yang ke-25 (FFM25). He was assigned to bring about 2 buses of "humans" to that event. FYI : He is a casting director so thats why he was invited and all :) So back to the story - So me and my best friend, Neena, was like, "NAK PERGI NAK PERGI!!!!!!!!" but I don't have transport because my lovely mother is going on a vespa ride to dotdotdot (sorry I can't remember)...

MY HEART SANK! :(  I really wanted to go.. Not just - "Hm I really want to go :(" This is like - "I WANNA GO I WANNA GO WHYYY WHYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!"

Well, you could understand better if I made a video but too bad i don't have any confidence on starting a vlog :P So later on, I had a discussion with Neena and planned to go together :D So we went home, asked our parents' opinion and permission and THANK GOD they were on board with it! Alhamdulillah, syukur to Allah the Almighty!

Me and Neena can't stop talking about it... Its like a daily routine to talk about it xD
Oh by the way, this is how the plan works :

1. That event is on a Saturday and my mom will be leaving one day before, so on that Friday I will have a sleepover at Neena's house, YEAY!

FYI : Me and Neena go back together (from school) so its easy for us to have a sleepover :D

2. On Saturday, we go laa! :P
3. On Sunday, I go back to my HOME SWEET HOME !

So yea.. Thats the plan!!! Anyways, when I was at the FFM25 Red Carpet, I did not see him so my hopes are getting low but I will never give up :) So the event started and I still haven't see him and trust me if you were me, you will feel so damn sad... FYI : The event is actually a life broadcast of an awards show :D

So after maybe an hour, Neena was like, "MARSYA!" and she pointed at someone so I looked and guess who I saw... THE CELEBRITY DU-UHHHH!!! I SAW MOHD SYAMSUL BIN MOHD YUSOF!!! I was freaking out, it was hard to breath, it was hard to stay calm, I just felt like exploding right at where I was sitting xD

So I was all fangirl-ish till the event was over haha xD Okay, before the event ended, me and Neena planned that no matter what happens, WE HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH HIM! So when it ended, we were like searching at every corner, section, part of the room for him.. And guess what... WE EFFING SAW HIM!!!

So....... I told you that Cikgu Mazidul is a casting director so he must know a lot of actors and a lot of actors know him, right? So me and Neena had this convo, with him :

Me : Cikgu!!!!!! Boleh tak kalau kitorang nak ambik gambar dengan Syamsul Yusof? Please cikgu!!!

Cikgu : Ehh dah lambat dah ni!

Neena : Alaaa cikgu!! Dia kat situ je (pointing at Syamsul)!!!!!

Cikgu : Aaaa boleh lah... Cepat skit...

-then zafran interrupted us-

Zafran : Guys!!! Cepaat!!! Bus dah sampai!!!

Me and Neena : JAP JAP!!!!!

Yea, it was something like that....... xD So then we did go to him and this convo. happened :

Cikgu : Syamsul! 

Syamsul : Ye?

Cikgu : Ha ni ha ada budak nak ambik gambar ngan kau...

Syamsul : Hmm boleh lah tapi cepat skit sebab ayah......

- I gave my camera to Cikgu Mazidul -

Cikgu : Err ni nak picit yang mana ni?

Syamsul : Haih Mazrul, tu pon tak tahu ke? (or something like that) xD

- Me and Neena giggled. I showed Cikgu Mazidul where to press and went to the right-side of Syamsul and Neena went to the left-side of him and we all SMILED ! CLICK goes the camera! -

Then, woosh Syamsul went out of that hall :) He did say hes in a hurry right? :) So ALL NIGHT me and Neena fangirl over that picture! It was totes awesome! Everyone was so damn jealous! And it was officially the BEST DAY EVER or should I say BEST NIGHT EVER!

So Neena's fangirling was over the next day while mine lasted about idk maybe 1? 2? Yeah 3... Weeks... Hahaha xD So I think its the end of my post and I know you are all like "FINALLY! ITS OVER!" Well guess what..

Hahaha xD Just Kidding :) So bye and enjoy this ugly pic of me with Syamsul and Neena! :D xoxo

Intro - Renovated Blog

HELLO BLOG!!! As you can see, I have changed your template, background, font and MUCH MORE! Do you like it? Cause I like it! :D 

Okay, if you're wondering why I'm suddenly blogging, let me explain... First, I went to my best friend's blog (Ain) and it was beautiful... REALLY beautiful! I'm sorry I can't give you the link and even if I give you the link, you can't see it because her blog is private (only invited people can see it).

Okay after that I went to another best friend of mine's blog (Neena) and also it was incredibly pretty :) After looking at both of my best friends' blog, YOU came into my mind.. Well, the old you, "Princess On The Block"... Then I realise, I don't call myself a princess anymore so I changed it into a more suitable name! And obviously I need to change everything because everything was princess themed xD So thats how I started blogging again :)

Now, I'm just gonna explain shortly why my blog is called "Marsya Being Random"... Well actually its already so obvious... Here in this blog, I will post a lot of things about my life so this blog does NOT have a specific label or what-so-ever which also means its gonna be RANDOM ! And if you didn't know, my name is Marsya xD So this blog is called "Marsya Being Random" is because I'm gonna be random on this blog by randomly posting random posts at random times with random words :D
So yea... That's a good intro for a renovated blog, aite? Hahaha! Anyways...WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Enjoy this picture of my favourite youtuber/vlogger saying welcome to my blog! :D

Byee xoxo

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year : 2013

Dear Blog,

Hehehe... Sorry for the long break... I was VERY busy but I want to say... 

Yup! Its   2013   ! And guess what? I'm already Form 2! The time flies so fast, right? Sooo wanna know what happen on the 31st December before NEW YEAR? Okay.. Here I Go! 

Just wanna inform you that 31st December was a Monday ! So that night my mummy, Keman (my mother's Best-Male-Friend or should I say BMF? ) and I went to Jeram for dinner and it was amaaaaaazing! The food there is AWESOME !!! I   REALLY REALLY REALLY   love the food there! By the way, that night was not our first dinner there! :P So we had Roasted Squid, Steamed Fish, Kangkung Belacan and Asam Pedas - Fish ! Like I said.. It was an awesome dinner! :D 

After that, Keman took my mummy and I home and he went back home too! :) My mummy and I reached home at 11 which is almost 1/1/2013 but we were too sleepy to care! So we changed to our pajamas and sleep peacefully... Minutes after that...

So my mummy and I woke up (obviously) and watch the fireworks... It was BEAUTIFUL :") So we took pics (obviously) !

Mummy's Picture(s) :

 My Picture(s) :


Mummy's picture is beautiful... Mine is soooo UGLY! >:( 

So thats all for today bloggie! If I have time I'll write you again tomorrow kay? :* 


Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Song-You're Always In My Heart

This song is about a girl who has a crush but her crush sometimes hates her but sometimes like her (as a friend). One day, her crush said that he has a crush too. The girl was so shocked coz her crush's crush is HER! OMG!!!!
I wrote it myself! How awesome am I? LOL!

You're Always In My Heart<3

[Verse 1]
I know you hate me
But i don't know why
Sometimes you like me
When you're a lonely guy

You said you're happy
So I just smile
And when you're huuuuuuuuurt
I'll cryyyyyyyyyyyy........

You're always in my heeeaaart
Everytime and everywhere
You'realways in my heeeeaaart
And I want you to know that

You're always in my heart....
You're always in my HEART!

[Verse 2]
One day you told me
You have a crush
I'm curious who
So I just asked

You said she's beautiful
Kind and smart
And then you saaaaaaid
That girl is meeeeeeeeeeeeeee........

You're always in my heeeaaart
Everytime and everywhere
You're always in my heeeeaaart
And I want you to know that

You're always in my heart
You're always in my HEART!

I was very shocked
What you just said to me
And then you asked me who I like

You're always in my heeeaaart
Everytime and everywhere
You're always in my heeeaaart
And I want you to know thaaaaaat.....

You're always in my heeeaaaart
Everytime and everywhere
You're always in my heeeaaart
And I want you to know that

You're always my heart
Yo're always my heeeaaaaart
You're always in my HEART!